Software developer sitting beside teen beta tester receiving feedbackExplore the inside of the video game industry in a low-anxiety and collaborative learning environment.  Build valuable life skills through individual and team-based game development, social learning activities and networking guidance.   Members of the Every1Games team become equipped to accomplish what they most desire: meaningful employment and independence.  Register Now for March Break 2014!

Autism and Anxiety; “Why, exactly, am I upset?”


In January Every1Games held the Autism Friendly Unconference inviting the community to come together and address the most meaningful issues surrounding autism. Autistic youth ran workshops speaking with parents, support workers, organizations, and the larger community. 20 topics were on the agenda and we intend to explore them all deeper. The first topic is anxiety. Every1Games welcomes sci-fi author Jenn, writing on the topic Read more…

March Break Program Highlights

Mock Company by E1G Toronto Participants

We are proud to present the following highlights from March Break 2014. 1. Industry Guests Galore This March Break the Toronto team had a chance to meet professional game developer Jordy Koski, founder and CEO of TapFun Inc. who was visiting Every1Games to teach us the fundamentals of Game Salad creating a Flappy Bird style game in Read more…

First Annual AFU Inspires an Autism Friendly Future

Picture of E1G student leads discussion about Autism at Work

Everyone who registered to attend the  Autism Friendly Unconference was given the opportunity  to ask a question or suggest a topic so that Every1Games could address the most meaningful issues surrounding autism.  Join us now as we continue to explore these topics and the diversity of the autism spectrum to design an autism friendly future. The list of topics addressed Read more…