Neurodiverse Skills Development Programs 

No Proof of Diagnosis Required

March Break Niagara 2017

Every1Games Niagara Facilitator leading a tutorial on classroom computer

Every1Games Niagara returns for March Break 2017!
Join us for a week of fun and learning with daily workshops and activities! Level Design, 2D Art, 3D game engines, and Let’s play videos. Great for new and returning members!

March Break Toronto 2017

3D Logo for Every1Games

Read more about Every1Games is up to this March Break in Toronto! This March Break we decided that our theme will be LEADERSHIP. There is a lot to explore within this theme; leadership in the autism community, on a team and in all areas of your life. We will also be exploring basic programming, narrative in games and 3D art / environment design

30K from OCE Kicks Off 2017!

We are proud to announce that Every1Games will be starting the new year with grand plans thanks to a project grant from the Ontario Centres of Excellence and our supportive advisors at The Forge (McMaster University)! This is great news but also means that we need to make some changes to our program schedule. We Read more…