12 Weeks of Summer: Toronto Programs Begin May 20th

Every1Games is offering 12 week programs over spring and summer months. From May 20th to August 5th join us on Saturday’s from 10am to 3pm to develop your social, technical and professional skills in a low anxiety environment. We are offering our two most popular digital media programs, Creative Production and SpecOPS. Program details, fees and links to register can be found below followed by field trip information. Upon registration an invoice will be sent to you by email. Nothing is charged during online registration. Payment arrangements can be made. Contact us for assistance, sometimes this online registration can be confusing so don’t hesitate to email us for help!

Creative Production (Coded as CREA T0517) is an introduction program. Work with facilitators to complete a digital media project that will give you a chance to practice using software that design students use everyday. Make a video, practice digital art or compose electronic music.  Participants become familiar with the fundamental tools and practices to design and develop digital objects, virtual environments and videos.  This program is great for beginners and for people who want to practice using the software in a low-anxiety learning environment. No experience necessary!

  • Ages 12 – 25
  • $1250.00
  • 12 Weeks,  Saturdays: May 20 to August 5
  • July 29th at Con Bravo
  • Split payments can be made.

What software will we practice?

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe After Effects
  • other sound software at the facilitators discretion.

Read the full Creative Production information package to learn more, contact us, or login and sign up for Creative Production now.  

SpecOps (Coded as  SPEC T0517) is an enhanced program using the most popular professional game design and development tools. Work independently and together to make a game prototype using 2D/3D art tools, programming and sound engineering software depending on your personal interests. Explore the video game industry in a low-anxiety learning environment while creating portfolio pieces that can be used to apply to post-secondary programs or creative jobs. This program is for people interested in attending post-secondary school and is open to current college students interested in improving their skills.

  • Ages 16 – 30
  • $1400.00
  • 12 Weeks, Saturdays: May 20 to August 5
  • July 29th at Con Bravo
  • Split payments can be made.
 What software will we practice?

Read the full SpecOPS Information Package to learn more, contact us, or login and sign up for SpecOPS now.

conbravo logoWe are always looking for the best ways to offer low anxiety networking. On Saturday July 29th we will be bringing together all of the Every1Games teams from Toronto and Niagara at Con Bravo! Canada’s Youtube and Gaming Convention in Hamilton where we are hosting an Every1Games Sensory Lounge. Travel details TBA.

Every1Games’ Sensory Lounge is an autism friendly space to relax in a stress free environment. Con goers visit this small Snoezelen room for some quiet time and rest. Whether you’re exhausted from passion and social interaction, or just want to reset and decompress, this Sensory Lounge is a unique place to visit and take a break.  (If you are in high school and need volunteer hours let us know!)