A Letter to Say Farewell for Now

Hello Everyone,

Every1Games will be taking the year off. Our CEO and Leader Sarah Saucier is going on maternity leave to welcome her first child into the world. We had plans of bringing on someone too help manage Every1Games possibly for the rest of this year while Sarah is on maternity leave but we all decided to go on hiatus and Staff would move on to continue their creative careers elsewhere until the time comes to come back to start up the programs and teach again.

We put together a list (below) of interesting organizations with programs, workshops or communities that we think you should reach out to in the meantime. Despite not offering programs ourselves you can continue your learning, growing your passion, and building your professional network.

Thanks to you we have helped so many people meet their personal goals, and professional goals, and have an amazing community of autistic friends who continue to support each other. We are proud of ourselves and each other, helping a great number of students from our programs get into interactive digital media post secondary programs across Canada over the past 5 years.

Thank you to all of our Students and Staff, past & present, in being a part of what makes Every1Games today. Without your support over the years, we would not be here teaching about Neurodiversity, supporting creative autistic youth producing media, and making the impact that we have made.

We wish all of our students the best in their creative endeavors for now. Until next time, this is Every1Games signing out.

Mark Beaudry,
Lead Programs Facilitator

Skills Development Programs in Media and Technology

Black Background with white text "Infinity Forge"

The Infinity Forge

For unique animation, voice acting, writing, and game development learning we recommend you contact The Infinity Forge located in Hamilton, ON. This amazing team is loaded with industry experience and interested in helping people meet their career goals. A must contact if you are interested in continue towards a career in any of these fields.

Email: Booking@theinfinityforge.com (General Inquiries and Workshop Registration)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theinfinityforge/

Cartoon Animal with Wizard Hat and Text "Spectrum Productions"

Spectrum Productions

This Montreal based program offers a film development program and is an Every1Games fan favourite. In the past they have offered programs in Toronto in partnership with the Geneva Centre for Autism. This is a great program for continued media development skills in film.

Email: info@productionsspectrum.com (General Inquiries)
Website: http://productionsspectrum.com/en/

Green text "Holland Bloorview" with infinity symbol replacing the O O in Bloorview. Text "Kids Rehabilitation Hospital" underneath

Holland Bloorview

This Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is developing a new technology skills program for teens and adults that focuses on programming, game, and app development. Check in with them for updates. Not all there programs are going to be appropriate for your needs or age but it is certainly worth reaching out. Ask Azadeh Kushki for more information about the new tech program.

Email: akushki@hollandbloorview.ca (Mary & James W. Davie Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute)
Website: http://autismresearchcentre.ca

Other Skills Development and Community

Text "Autism Ontario" with Green Blue and Red Dandelion wisps with text See the Potential underneath, voir le potential

Autism Ontario

Autism Ontario continues to produce great programs for teens and adults, though it may not be in media skills development. Their focus on adult social programs over the past ten years is the best I’ve seen, so give it try! Reach out to the Community Events Coordinator for more information or find your local chapter for regional specific events.

Email: christa@autismontario.com (Community Events Coordinator, Christa Sawyer)
Provincial Website: http://www.autismontario.com/

Text reads Autism Jobs Club

Autism Job Club

This awesome group of people are supporting employment opportunities and adult social opportunities in Halton. If you want to work this summer maybe they can help, so reach out for information about upcoming conferences and workshops!

Website: http://autismjobclub.ca

Red Letters A 4 A with the words Autistics for Autistics underneath

Autistics 4 Autistics

Autistics 4 Autistics is a new organization that I am excited for, check it out! Autistics 4 Autistics (A4A) is an self-advocacy group tackling approaches to autism funding and services in Ontario.“Proudly autistic and united in supporting all autistics in the province on the issues that impact our community.”

Website: https://a4aontario.com/about/