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Meet the Au-Some Conference Speakers

The Au-Some Conference is taking place Saturday August 20th at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton. This event is an opportunity for autistic youth and adults to meet informally with other autistics, self-advocates, educators, students, support workers, and business owners to identify and plan action to combat societal barriers to education, employment and personal support. The event features 6 topics of discussion. Each topic features a speaker with lived experience. Lets learn about these remarkable Au-Some Conference speakers.

(No picture) Yvonne Spicer was diagnosed in childhood with ADD, and ADHD and later diagnosed with Autism at age 35. Yvonne has received an award from Milton Town Council and is presently enrolled in Conestoga College in Kitchener. (Opening Remarks – The person in control of your life is YOU!)

Kelly JohnsonKelly Johnson was diagnosed with Autism after her son received his diagnosis. Kelly maintains a blog called “One Quarter Mama” about Autism, Advocacy, Feminism and Racism issues. Kelly started a consultancy firm called “The Autistic Expert” giving advice. (Presentation A – Autism at Work.)

(No picture)  Brandon Williams was diagnosed with Autism as an adult. Brandon is living with HIV and is working with AIDS Committee of Toronto, the Ontario HIV Treatment Network and the Redpath Centre. Brandon is a life coach educating Autistic people about risk management. (Presentation B – Sexual Health, Are We at Risk?)

(No picture)  Zachary Smith was diagnosed with ASD at six years old. Zachary is currently working at Western University in the Department of Hospitality Services and lectures at Fanshawe College for students training to be social workers and personal support workers. (Presentation C – Building Your Social Network.)

Jackie Mcmillan

(No picture) Jackie McMillan was diagnosed with Autism at age 11. Jackie turned her life into a science project identifying her challenges and connecting with other spectrum teens and adults. Jackie’s website and blog post is, “How to Thrive with Autism” as an autistic teen or adult. (Presentation D – Optimizing Autism Through Managing your Health and Environment.)

(No picture) Kaitrin Beechey was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Kaitrin paints the way she views the world. Some of her paintings underlying themes of acceptance, equality and social responsibility. Kaitrin call’s her art “Windows by Kaitrin” because windows go both ways. (Presentation E – Self-Discover and Successful Outcomes.)

(No picture) Georges Huard was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Georges is currently employed fulltime at Université du Québec à Montréal. Georges gives lectures at schools, colleges and universities about Asperger’s Syndrome and how to adjust to a neurotypical world. (Presentation F – Interpreting People’s Emotions.)

Laura Nadine

Laura Nadine was diagnosed with Autism as an adult at age 27. As a student of the Suzuki Method, Laura progressed quickly as a musical prodigy for her ability to play songs after only hearing them once. Laura currently runs her own music school called Enlightened Audio Academy. (Closing Remarks – “Let Me Fall A Legend.”)

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