See the Spectrum differently

The Au-Some Conference – Featuring Leading Advocates

Every1Games, Autism Canada, and an amazing team of au-some spectrum adults have come together to bring you The Au-Some Conference. This is a day of learning about the diversity of the autism spectrum. If you have questions or can offer a perspective on what it means to be autistic, join us! Meet informally with other autistics, autistic self-advocates, educators, students, support workers, and business owners to share perspectives and come to a better understanding of autism in our community in a judgment free zone.

At this event everyone belongs and everyone is valued. Together we will identify societal barriers, share successes and start a plan of action to ensure an autism friendly future.

The Au-Some Conference features autistic advocates Laura Nadine, Kelly Johnson, and Brandon Williams! Full list of presenter bio’s will be posted soon.

See the full list of presenters, the schedule and register for the event here or at

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3 years ago we started The Autism Friendly Unconference an event that brings together autistic youth and adults to identify societal barriers and come to a plan of action to improve infrastructure and employment opportunities. Our goal as change makers was to help change the way organizations engage with autistic youth and adults. It brings me so much joy that in just 3 years we’ve made an impact that is going to make its way across the nation thanks to Autism Canada recognizing the value of The Autism Friendly Event. Together with Autism Canada and an advisory board of 15 autistic adults from across Canada (part of Autism Canada’s ASD Advisory Committee) we are giving a generation of youth a platform to meet other autistics to collaborate in life, love and business.