Mission and Vision

Every1Games provides specialized programs supporting neurodivergent (Autism, ADHD, LD, etc.) youth transitioning into life after high school.  Participants build valuable life skills gaining experience and confidence through individual and team-based game development, social learning activities and networking guidance in a low-anxiety and collaborative learning environment.

We are a key instrument in the accessibility of education and careers in digital media. Our participants learn to use industry standard tools (Unity, Unreal, Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator, 3DS Max, Maya, Game Maker to name a few) to develop portfolios that are used in applications to post secondary and careers.

Our no proof of diagnosis policy means that you don’t need a doctor’s note to work with us, everyone is welcome, no matter your neurotype.

Every1Games aims to build a network of support helping autistic and neurodivergent youth develop the social, professional and technical skills required to succeed in life after high school while producing quality talent for the growing interactive digital media industry.

Our play testing programs provide opportunities to play test the latest video games in the market learning the basics of being a professional play tester.  This is accomplished through industry partnerships that create opportunities for participants to play test partner products and learn from industry experts.

Our goal is to help neurodivergent students with disabilities become comfortable in the spaces they will work in, the tools they will be working with and the culture they will grow to be a part of as an adult.


We value neurodiversity and promote the social model of disabilities that  considers we are all born with different brains, in the same way we are all born with different bodies, races and genders.

We have worked with organizations to change the way non-profits, businesses and educators engage and serve youth with disabilities as capable adults.

  • Authenticity.
  • Patience.
  • Openness.
  • Advocacy Triforce (Power, Wisdom and Courage).
  • Love.
  • Play.


“Video games are awesome, and going to Every1Games is there to help you.” 

Is Video Game Development A Practical Career Choice?

It can be…

Ontario has 96 entertainment software studios (mostly small or mid-sized) looking for talent to help them grow (ESAC, 2013). Game related programs are emerging across Ontario (in both colleges and universities) to produce talented workers for the growing game industry, but like people, each game studios has different needs and goals.

At Every1Games we aim to introduce participants to the skills required and paths available to meet their goals while helping to produce quality talent for the growing digital media industry. Check out our industry allies for a list of local studios working with Every1Games!

It’s not just about helping youth discover themselves, but about helping Ontario meet its goals of being #1 in the world for interactive digital media development.

We are a social skills program first, which means that if your technical, social or professional skills are not industry ready, that’s okay because to be a part of the Every1Games team there is no experience necessary!

Find comfort in the consistency of awesomeness. We are always creating new activities to help you discover what it takes to meet your personal and professional goals. Here are some of the things that you will get to practice at Every1Games…

  • traditional and digital art (concept art, character design, level design)
  • game design (mechanics, narrative, academic discourse)
  • visual computer programming (software specific)
  • sound and music engineering

Our programs take place at local post-secondary schools so that our participants can become familiar with spaces, tools and culture of their local college and university.

Autism is so broad a term, who are these programs for?

Many social programs are “too childish” or “not challenging enough” for autistic or otherwise neurodivergent (ADHD, dyslexic, dyscalculic, depressed, etc.) youth who are contemplating postsecondary education and careers. Our programs are for everyone. You  do not have to be on the spectrum to join us. Allies are welcome.

What if I am non-verbal or labelled low functioning?

We understand that non-verbal and low-functioning labels are not indicators of your ability to succeed in the program. If you are not being challenged, you are not giving yourself the opportunity to develop more skills. Email sarah@every1games.ca for an interview before registering for the program.

Who teaches Every1Games Programs?

Our staff teams are made up of students who are excelling in their fields, industry professionals, and neurdivergent advocates who can relate and help mentor you through personal challenges.

  • Share authentic experiences
  • Authentic connections with each other and staff
  • Address personal pressing concerns like bullying, relationships and self-esteem

What makes Every1Games different from other social skills programs?

Our programs are specialized. Every1Games helps clients explore the video game industry (and related industries) in a low-anxiety environment. The activities and lessons at Every1Games created by the staff community, the schedule is made up of these lessons and activities at the discretion of the facilitator. This means that we can consistently improve schedules to meet the specific needs of the group as different clients join the team.

  • improve chances of entrance into college design programs
  • improve skills to increase your marks in college design programs
  • learn how to network and showcase your skills (advocacy)

What changes from program to program? Do you learn the same thing each week?

Programs need consistency and review. This means that we will be doing similar activities, with different content. The games we make change constantly, depending on the interests and decisions of the people on the team.

For more information on Every1Games approaches you can email sarah@every1games.ca or email support@every1games.ca using our contact page.  Our program is supported by Autism Ontario in Toronto. To become an Autism Ontario member visit http://www.autismontario.com/.

If you are visiting this page on behalf of an autism organization, business or school please email sarah@every1games.ca for more information about how we can work together to create the best low-anxiety learning spaces suitable for teens and adults on the autism spectrum.

Every1Games founder and CEO also provides professional development training to faculty of educational institutions and creative businesses to build a network of support.

consulting and presentations in your classroom or business.