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Every1Games is Saying Good-Bye. THANK YOU!

The past 10 months have been life changing. As my Maternity Leave comes to it’s end I have been offered an opportunity with an incredible start up, Dark Slope Studios, and I just can’t pass it up! Dark Slope creates the content, tools and applications that power the next generation of immersive, multi-user, location-based VR and AR experiences around the globe! As Office Operations Manager I am going to help lead this company to being the best example of a supportive and inclusive workplace in the interactive digital media industry. The Dark Slope team values bringing people together and I am excited to join them on their journey.

Although there will no longer be programs offered at Every1Games, I will continue to advocate and do whatever I can to create a more inclusive future that breaks down barriers to success by respecting and understanding neurodiversity.

It is hard to say good-bye. In the past 6 years we have helped hundreds of families who attended Every1Games programs. So many of our clients reached their goals. We made friendships that will last forever and we are proof that when autism programs are run by autistic youth and adults (who have a better understanding of what it means to grow up autistic) success is inevitable! 

Every1Games was successful because of the neurodiverse staff who worked together to understand each other and each client. Every1Games was successful because we worked as a team towards goals and respected each other. Our efforts to help other people understand neurodiversity and what it means to live in a neurodiverse world has made a huge impact locally and beyond.

I encourage each one of you to continue to advocate and share your experiences with each other, mentor each other, and start businesses with each other! This is the beginning of an era where autistic children can grow up without self doubt or fear of discrimination.

Thank you to everyone who supported us. I am sad to have to close these doors but could not be more proud of everything we accomplished. 

Every1Games will always be something that we share, a bond that can never be broken.

I will be keeping the email for a bit longer so stay in touch! 

Love you all sincerely,
Sarah Saucier

A Letter to Say Farewell for Now

Hello Everyone,

Every1Games will be taking the year off. Our CEO and Leader Sarah Saucier is going on maternity leave to welcome her first child into the world. We had plans of bringing on someone too help manage Every1Games possibly for the rest of this year while Sarah is on maternity leave but we all decided to go on hiatus and Staff would move on to continue their creative careers elsewhere until the time comes to come back to start up the programs and teach again.

We put together a list (below) of interesting organizations with programs, workshops or communities that we think you should reach out to in the meantime. Despite not offering programs ourselves you can continue your learning, growing your passion, and building your professional network.

Thanks to you we have helped so many people meet their personal goals, and professional goals, and have an amazing community of autistic friends who continue to support each other. We are proud of ourselves and each other, helping a great number of students from our programs get into interactive digital media post secondary programs across Canada over the past 5 years.

Thank you to all of our Students and Staff, past & present, in being a part of what makes Every1Games today. Without your support over the years, we would not be here teaching about Neurodiversity, supporting creative autistic youth producing media, and making the impact that we have made.

We wish all of our students the best in their creative endeavors for now. Until next time, this is Every1Games signing out.

Mark Beaudry,
Lead Programs Facilitator

Skills Development Programs in Media and Technology

Black Background with white text "Infinity Forge"

The Infinity Forge

For unique animation, voice acting, writing, and game development learning we recommend you contact The Infinity Forge located in Hamilton, ON. This amazing team is loaded with industry experience and interested in helping people meet their career goals. A must contact if you are interested in continue towards a career in any of these fields.

Email: (General Inquiries and Workshop Registration)

Cartoon Animal with Wizard Hat and Text "Spectrum Productions"

Spectrum Productions

This Montreal based program offers a film development program and is an Every1Games fan favourite. In the past they have offered programs in Toronto in partnership with the Geneva Centre for Autism. This is a great program for continued media development skills in film.

Email: (General Inquiries)

Green text "Holland Bloorview" with infinity symbol replacing the O O in Bloorview. Text "Kids Rehabilitation Hospital" underneath

Holland Bloorview

This Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is developing a new technology skills program for teens and adults that focuses on programming, game, and app development. Check in with them for updates. Not all there programs are going to be appropriate for your needs or age but it is certainly worth reaching out. Ask Azadeh Kushki for more information about the new tech program.

Email: (Mary & James W. Davie Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute)

Other Skills Development and Community

Text "Autism Ontario" with Green Blue and Red Dandelion wisps with text See the Potential underneath, voir le potential

Autism Ontario

Autism Ontario continues to produce great programs for teens and adults, though it may not be in media skills development. Their focus on adult social programs over the past ten years is the best I’ve seen, so give it try! Reach out to the Community Events Coordinator for more information or find your local chapter for regional specific events.

Email: (Community Events Coordinator, Christa Sawyer)
Provincial Website:

Text reads Autism Jobs Club

Autism Job Club

This awesome group of people are supporting employment opportunities and adult social opportunities in Halton. If you want to work this summer maybe they can help, so reach out for information about upcoming conferences and workshops!


Red Letters A 4 A with the words Autistics for Autistics underneath

Autistics 4 Autistics

Autistics 4 Autistics is a new organization that I am excited for, check it out! Autistics 4 Autistics (A4A) is an self-advocacy group tackling approaches to autism funding and services in Ontario.“Proudly autistic and united in supporting all autistics in the province on the issues that impact our community.”


Merit Motion Pictures Logo

Call for Panelists! Join us at Cineplex for World Autism Acceptance Day

Autism 2nd is WAAD and Every1Games will be at Cineplex in Oakville with Merit Motion Pictures, part of a Canada-wide series of panels taking place at Cineplex theatres across the country, this event highlights the shift from autism awareness to acceptance of neurodiversity. Yay! The panels will take place after screenings of the documentary Beyond the Spectrum and celebrates the launch of an associated app called My Autism Passport that helps families access and manage services.

I hope that the panel will share perspectives from adults with lived experience and knowledge to share about services, as well as parents who access services for their children.

If you are interested in volunteering your wisdom as a panelist with me in Oakville, Ontario please email me right away at

Merit Motion Pictures is looking for panelists in cities across Canada. If you are interested in participating as a panelist in any of the other following cities, or know someone who might be interested, please email Laura Lamont at











Thank you everyone, your experience and opinions are so important to a better future! Please let us know as soon as possible.

Sarah Saucier

Relevant Social Learning for Students on the Autism Spectrum: Social, Technical and Professional

New Information Available! Toronto Program Offerings Starting Feb 2018

Your favourite skills development programs are back for the Winter! Join us from February 3rd to April 21st to accomplish your creative and technical goals. Read more about the popular SpecOps and Creative Production programs helping youth on the autism spectrum master their skills in digital art, games, music and video production.

SpecOps is an enhanced program using the most popular professional game design and development tools. (The code SPEC T0118 is a code we use for internal course planning, it helps us stay organized). Work independently and together to make a game prototype using 2D/3D art tools, programming and sound engineering software depending on your personal interests. Explore the video game industry in a low-anxiety learning environment while creating portfolio pieces that can be used to apply to postsecondary programs or creative jobs. This program is for people interested in attending postsecondary school and is open to current college students interested in improving their skills.

  • Ages 16 – 30
  • $1450.00
  • 12 Weeks, Saturdays: February 3rd to April 21st
  • 10am to 3pm

What software will we practice?

  • Unreal Engine 4, 3DS Max, ZBrush and Substance. Other software may include RPG Maker, Game Maker, Maya (Animation), and other sound software at the facilitator’s’ and teams discretion.
Learn more about what to expect including payment, environment and weather cancellation procedures for SpecOps at Every1Games by reading the full SpecOps Information Package, or sign up for this course online by clicking the link below

Sign Up For SpecOPs Now

Creative Production is an introduction program and workspace. (The code CREA T0118 is a code we use for internal course planning, it helps us stay organized). Make a video, practice digital art or compose electronic music alongside facilitators, mentors on the spectrum, and industry guests. Participants become familiar with the fundamental tools and practices to design and develop digital objects, art, animations and videos. This program is great for beginners and for people who want to practice using the software in a low-anxiety learning environment. No experience necessary.

  • Ages 12 – 25
  • $1250.00
  • 12 Weeks, Saturdays: February 3rd to April 21st
  • 10am to 3pm

What software will we practice?

  • Adobe CS; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Flash Animation and sound software at the facilitators discretion depending on student project goals and interests.
Learn more about what to expect including payment, environment and weather cancellation procedures for Creative Production at Every1Gamees by reading the full Creative Production Information Package, or sign up for this course by clicking the link below

Sign Up For Creative production Now

Star Pirates Infinity with Mark Shannelly, SHG Studios

Mark Shannelly, Marketing Coordinator and Community Manager at SHG Studios, is joining Every1Games Toronto to share his experience and discuss various aspects of design and production while we play SHG Studios Star Pirates Infinity,  a next-generation Collectible Card Game (CCG).  Mark is a Video Game Designer, Sound Designer, Musician, and Composer.

On Saturday July 8th Mark Shannelly will join Every1Games Toronto to discuss his experience in the video game industry. Every1Games participants will have the opportunity to demo the game and learn about the development process. Participants will also have the opportunity to show off the work they’ve been doing in the summer program and get professional feedback on their work.

SHG Studios is located in Hamilton, Ontario. They are industry allies joining Every1Games to help create low anxiety networking opportunities for autistic and neurodivergent youth supporting neurodiversity and the participants of our awesome programs. To thank them we’d like to promote the game Star Pirates Infinity, a fun, easy, engaging, collectable card game that can be downloaded from the website linked below, playable on PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. Check it out 🙂

March Break Toronto 2017

This March Break we decided that our theme will be LEADERSHIP.  There is a lot to explore within this theme; leadership in the autism community, on a team and in all areas of your life. We will also be exploring basic programming, narrative in games and 3D art / environment design. This is a fun week designed to be an awesome experience for you and your friends. Remember that this is a low anxiety work space, work at your own pace on projects that you want to work on! Our helpful facilitators will be giving lessons and leading discussi-ons. We will play video games, share youtube videos and create, create, create!
Ages 12 – 25
Fees: $550+ HST
Payment arrangements can be made.

What Software Will We Practice?

Imagine Cinema’s at Market Square is an Every1Games March Break tradition. We walk 10 minutes to the cinema and watch a popular film. What makes this different than other autism social groups? We work together to learn more about what we watch as consumers. By discussing the themes and narrative, as well as the industry tools, marketing and production techniques, participants learn to understand the movies beyond what they see on the big screen.

  • Participants are required to pay for their own snacks.
  • Admission to the theatre will be represented on the invoice sent upon registration.

Royal Ontario Museum has invited Every1Games to an exclusive experience. The ROM understands that we aren’t kids anymore and are working with us to arrange a day of learning that will help shape the work we do in the computer labs as we practice game design.

  • There will be an opportunity to purchase lunch but a packed lunch is recommended.
  • Participants are required to pay for their travel.  You can speak with an Every1Games facilitator if you require assistance.

You can read more details in our information package or register by clicking the link below.

Sign Up Now

A custom invoice will be sent to you by email. Nothing is charged during online registration. Payment arrangements can be made. Email for assistance…sometimes this online registration can be confusing so don’t hesitate to email us for help! We look forward to chatting :).

30K from OCE Kicks Off 2017!

We are proud to announce that Every1Games will be starting the new year with grand plans thanks to a project grant from the Ontario Centres of Excellence and our supportive advisors at The Forge (McMaster University)!

This is great news but also means that we need to make some changes to our program schedule.

We will not be hosting programs this winter (Jan and Feb) but check back for updates and get in touch with us early to participate in the March Break – (March 12-16) – Creative Production Social Program for neurodivergent youth ages 12 – 25.

To participate in the Niagara or Toronto Spring Program please email to save your spot as we plan this amazing week of video game related awesomeness and learning.

More information coming soon. Thank you for your patience and support. We love you!

Happy New Year!

Created by Every1Games student Matthew Montgomery

Programs Begin October 1st! Register Now to Save Your Spot.

It’s time to register for the next cohort of Every1Games workshops. If you’ve stumbled upon us be sure to check out the about page to learn more about what we do. The best way to learn more is to contact us.  You can also find us on facebook and twitter.

Autism, spectrum, autistic, Aspergers, learning disabilities. Just making sure that we have these words in the post because our programs are specialized to help neurodivergent youth develop the skills required to succeed in life after high school. No diagnosis is required to participate. Our programs are a low-anxiety space where we encourage you to be comfortable being you so that you can learn at your best.  Many of our staff members are also on the spectrum or identify with a disability. Here you will have access to mentors for more than creative production, but life as an adult facing the challenges that come with growing up.

In Toronto we are offering two 8 week programs Creative Production and SpecOPS. If you are new to Every1Games or more interested in video, Creative Production is for you. If you have some experience and are interested in going to college (or currently attending college for media) then join the SpecOps program and work with us to develop your skills and portfolio.  In St.Catharines  you can join us for one 8 week program focusing on the fundamentals of game design.

All of our programs offer a low-anxiety environment. If you are not sure if our programs are for you email

Program descriptions are below.

When: 8 Saturdays (10am to 4pm) starting October 1st.

Where: Programs are available in Toronto (George Brown College School of Design, 341 King St. E), and St.Catharines (Brock University Centre for Digital Humanities).

How Much: Program fees vary, regular fees are between $720 to $900 before discounts and subsidies. If you’d like to split payments or inquire about subsidies we can accommodate you. Let us know what works for you.  Please register to save your spot in the meantime.


Register online to save your spot in the program. An invoice will be created based on the information you provide in the profile. We will contact you to confirm participation. 

To Register: Create an account and fill out a profile. Be sure to fill out the profile using the information of the person who is attending the program. The invoice will be sent to the email address entered in the profile. Remember to include your birthday so that we can apply subsidies that you might qualify for. Then login to browse programs and choose the course you’d like to join. Click Read More to see the schedule, then click Next to enter discount codes. Autism Ontario members use autismont for $100.00 off! Then click Register. 🙂 We will contact you with an invoice when we confirm your participation where you will have the option to pay online or by cheque. No payment is required to save your spot in the program.

Creative Production – Toronto

Our fall Creative Production program (Coded as CREA T1016) will teach participants a variety of digital and traditional arts, and video production. No experience necessary. Discover your skills and interests working with like minded people.

SpecOps – Toronto

Our Fall SpecOps program (Coded as SPEC T1016) will teach participants how to use Unreal 4, a game design software tool used by popular studios like Ubisoft and Activision. Participants will work independently and in groups to design a game using 2D/3D art tools, programming and sound engineering software depending on the groups interests. Lead by autistic youth mentors, this 8 week program is for people interested in attending post-secondary game design programs and is open to current college students interested in improving their game design skills.

Creative Production – Niagara (St.Catharines)

Our fall Creative Production program in Niagara (Coded as GAME N1016) will teach participants the fundamentals of game design.  Participants will explore Game Maker Studio to create a playable level. No experience necessary. Our staff will challenge participants with new activities that help each student meet their goals or prepare to apply for Niagara College and Brock University game related programs.

Presented by Autism Canada and Every1Games Professional Services Inc.

Meet the Au-Some Conference Speakers

The Au-Some Conference is taking place Saturday August 20th at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton. This event is an opportunity for autistic youth and adults to meet informally with other autistics, self-advocates, educators, students, support workers, and business owners to identify and plan action to combat societal barriers to education, employment and personal support. The event features 6 topics of discussion. Each topic features a speaker with lived experience. Lets learn about these remarkable Au-Some Conference speakers.

(No picture) Yvonne Spicer was diagnosed in childhood with ADD, and ADHD and later diagnosed with Autism at age 35. Yvonne has received an award from Milton Town Council and is presently enrolled in Conestoga College in Kitchener. (Opening Remarks – The person in control of your life is YOU!)

Kelly JohnsonKelly Johnson was diagnosed with Autism after her son received his diagnosis. Kelly maintains a blog called “One Quarter Mama” about Autism, Advocacy, Feminism and Racism issues. Kelly started a consultancy firm called “The Autistic Expert” giving advice. (Presentation A – Autism at Work.)

(No picture)  Brandon Williams was diagnosed with Autism as an adult. Brandon is living with HIV and is working with AIDS Committee of Toronto, the Ontario HIV Treatment Network and the Redpath Centre. Brandon is a life coach educating Autistic people about risk management. (Presentation B – Sexual Health, Are We at Risk?)

(No picture)  Zachary Smith was diagnosed with ASD at six years old. Zachary is currently working at Western University in the Department of Hospitality Services and lectures at Fanshawe College for students training to be social workers and personal support workers. (Presentation C – Building Your Social Network.)

Jackie Mcmillan

(No picture) Jackie McMillan was diagnosed with Autism at age 11. Jackie turned her life into a science project identifying her challenges and connecting with other spectrum teens and adults. Jackie’s website and blog post is, “How to Thrive with Autism” as an autistic teen or adult. (Presentation D – Optimizing Autism Through Managing your Health and Environment.)

(No picture) Kaitrin Beechey was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Kaitrin paints the way she views the world. Some of her paintings underlying themes of acceptance, equality and social responsibility. Kaitrin call’s her art “Windows by Kaitrin” because windows go both ways. (Presentation E – Self-Discover and Successful Outcomes.)

(No picture) Georges Huard was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Georges is currently employed fulltime at Université du Québec à Montréal. Georges gives lectures at schools, colleges and universities about Asperger’s Syndrome and how to adjust to a neurotypical world. (Presentation F – Interpreting People’s Emotions.)

Laura Nadine

Laura Nadine was diagnosed with Autism as an adult at age 27. As a student of the Suzuki Method, Laura progressed quickly as a musical prodigy for her ability to play songs after only hearing them once. Laura currently runs her own music school called Enlightened Audio Academy. (Closing Remarks – “Let Me Fall A Legend.”)

Register to attend The Au-Some Conference.


Luigi's Restaurante created by Devonttaie Summer 2015

Save Your Spot in Toronto Summer Programs

Subsidies are available!

We are offering up to 4 weeks of creative skills development programs for autistic and neurodivergent youth in Toronto and Niagara. For information about programs based in Niagara contact us.

Don’t spend summer days alone playing games. Come to Every1Games and add to your skills set instead! Our programs are ideal for students with disabilities interested in practicing digital media design or computer science. Get serious about a future in games or join us just for fun in the low-anxiety, judgement free, neurodiverse community.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore different types of production tools in a low anxiety environment to develop social, technical and professional skills. These programs are great for beginners and for people who want to practice using the software without the pressure of grades.

Join us at George Brown College School of Design to become familiar with the fundamental tools and practices to design and develop digital media, gaming environments, music and videos. (Content will vary based on participant interests). Work with autistic advocates, mentors, and experienced digital media artists and game designers.

If you are new to Every1Games our summer programs are a great place to start becoming familiar with who we are and how we can work together to help you meet your goals. If you are a current student in art or media design, join us to strengthen your portfolio and gain experience.

Contact us! 
Subsidies, discounts and payment plans are also available for participants.  For more information please contact Program Manager Cameron Cubitt at (289) 990-9057 or at

Week 1: Intro to Digital Media (GAME TS0116)
July 18, 2016 – July 22, 2016 (Monday to Friday)
Cost $450 (before discounts and subsidies)
Participants will learn about different programs that will allow them to design their own gaming art. Some of the programs will include Adobe Suite, 3DS Max and Animation.

Week 2: Panorama and Portfolio (GAME TS0216)
July 25, 2016 – July 29, 2016 (Monday to Friday)
Cost $450 (before discounts and subsidies)
Participants will be learning how to convert their gaming ideas into a portfolio or game demo over the course of the week. This program is intended to inform participants about what is needed when applying for a job with a gaming studio.

Week 3: Industry and Streaming in Digital Media (GAME TS0316)
August 2 – August 5, 2016 (Tuesday to Friday)
Cost $400 (before discounts and subsidies)
Participants will learn the tools and business of recording and streaming of video game media and will have the opportunity to interact with local game studios.

Week 4: Studio Environment (GAME TS0416)
August 8, 2016 – August 12, 2016 (Monday to Friday)
Cost $450 (before discounts and subsidies)
Participants will design a game as a group using Unity while learning about project management, compromising and planning and meeting the required deadlines for
the project. Groups that started their project in Week 3 will continue their from where they left off.

Classrooms will be supported with a 1:3 staff to student ratio. Programs will start at 10AM and conclude at 4PM. All four weeks will take place at the George Brown College St. James Campus which is located at 341 King Street East in Toronto, Ontario.

Registered participants will receive further details about the classroom closer to the start of all four programs.

Discounts and Subsidies

Autism Ontario Members receive $100 discount!

If you have an autism diagnosis and are between the age of 12 and 18, the Potential Programme provides a subsidy to help you pay for this opportunity! Over 18? No worries, thanks to Autism Ontario Toronto Chapter you may also be eligible for a subsidy that will be discounted on your invoice.

Create your Every1Games profile and contact us. We are here to help. Please note there is no proof of diagnosis required to participate in Every1Games programs.


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