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See the Spectrum differently

The Au-Some Conference – Featuring Leading Advocates

Every1Games, Autism Canada, and an amazing team of au-some spectrum adults have come together to bring you The Au-Some Conference. This is a day of learning about the diversity of the autism spectrum. If you have questions or can offer a perspective on what it means to be autistic, join us! Meet informally with other autistics, autistic self-advocates, educators, students, support workers, and business owners to share perspectives and come to a better understanding of autism in our community in a judgment free zone.

At this event everyone belongs and everyone is valued. Together we will identify societal barriers, share successes and start a plan of action to ensure an autism friendly future.

The Au-Some Conference features autistic advocates Laura Nadine, Kelly Johnson, and Brandon Williams! Full list of presenter bio’s will be posted soon.

See the full list of presenters, the schedule and register for the event here or at

If you are a participant of Every1Games programs, use the code e1galumni for $5.00 off 🙂

3 years ago we started The Autism Friendly Unconference an event that brings together autistic youth and adults to identify societal barriers and come to a plan of action to improve infrastructure and employment opportunities. Our goal as change makers was to help change the way organizations engage with autistic youth and adults. It brings me so much joy that in just 3 years we’ve made an impact that is going to make its way across the nation thanks to Autism Canada recognizing the value of The Autism Friendly Event. Together with Autism Canada and an advisory board of 15 autistic adults from across Canada (part of Autism Canada’s ASD Advisory Committee) we are giving a generation of youth a platform to meet other autistics to collaborate in life, love and business.

Every1Games Wins 1st Place at First Annual Philanthropitch!

Last night Every1Games took home the First Place Award at Philanthropitch, the first ever Dragons Den style all in one pitch competition for charities, non-profits and social enterprises!

philanthropitch logo

The $26, 860.00 in cash and other services awarded to Every1Games is going to help us grow our network of support. In the next year we will be bringing together game developers to address talent acquisition so that we can continue to support neurodivergent clients through to a career while meeting the needs of employers (creative studios) seeking talent. I am so proud of our staff at Every1Games, an amazing group of students and industry professionals helping participants in our programs develop the skills they need to succeed!

Toronto Vital Signs

Every1Games is addressing key issues identified in the Toronto Vital Signs 2014 Report.

Thank you Social Ventures Partners, CSI and Toronto+Acumen, the founders of this amazing event and the 18 other organizations making up the Capacity Builder’s Collective who joined forces, funds and resources to make granting funds easier and more efficient for companies like Every1Games to access funding.

We are so grateful for this award. It is an honour to have been in competition with so many great people who are helping to create social impact in their neighbourhoods. Congratulations to all the finalists! Please take some time to check out these amazing businesses in Toronto, logos are linked to their websites :). (Common Ground Co-Op and Good Foot Delivery also work with the autism community!)

artstarts CGC-Logo-Concept

Free GeekRemix
Good Food DepanneurMeal Exchange

Also thank you to the judges who recognized the value of Every1Games. The panel of judges included Amanda Lang (Jounalist & Senior Business Correspondent, CBC), Jeannette Wiltse (COO, Relay Ventures), Tonya Surman (CEO, Centre for Social Innovation), Gianni Ciufo (Financial Advisory Partner, Deloitte), Rahul Bhardwaj (President & CEO, Toronto Foundation), Abigail Slater (Chair, Social Venture Partners), and Tanya Bass (Chair, Toronto+Acumen).

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more updates!

10 Tips for Animators at Job Fairs

Top Ten Tips for Animation Job Fairs

Written by Crystal Fernandez, Art and Animation Facilitator at Every1Games.


keyframe studios at job fair

I had the pleasure of going to TAAFI’s Animation Job Fair last week to represent George Brown College in partnership with the one and only Sarah Anne Drew from Every1Games who supplied a Printing Station for attendees to edit and re-print resumes on the spot. I’ve never been to a job fair before and I was lucky enough to find the time join the lines of aspiring students and grads for a chance to meet some studios attending the event. Since this was my first job fair and I had no idea what to expect. I felt the lines went fairly quick (I chose smaller lines since I had to get back to my booth) and so did the interviews, which were more like introducing yourself, finding what positions are open and being lead to apply online. I’ve had some people tell me they were disappointed that they had lined up for almost an hour to just be told to “apply online”, then what’s the point of attending the job fair? While I did see some truth to this, I also thought about how over 900 guests attended this amazing event! So it’s obvious you’re probably not going to get a 30 minute interview with someone. It’s like speed dating. You come in talk about yourself and exchange a few pointers about you and them. But you’re going to have to stick out of all the other bachelors and bachelorettes if you want your date to want to talk to you more.

CASO Job Fair

How are you going to get the studios to want to talk to you for longer? How are you going to get them to remember you out of all the candidates attending the job fair? I went ahead to asked some students about their experience and what they would do differently on their next job fair.  To celebrate today’s the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario’s 3rd Annual Digital Marketplace Meetup, a job fair taking place at Corus Entertainment , here are Every1Games’ Top Ten Tips for Animation Job Fairs:

  1. Bring resumes and business cards if you have them.
    • Studios will often write notes about their experience with you directly on the printed resume you’ve handed them. This will help your resume stand out when they are filing them later.

  2. Carry a print portfolio or have a tablet ready to show your work (Modelers: make sure to include wireframe renders)
  • Some companies find it unprofessional to present your portfolio or demo reel on your phone. If possible use a tablet or laptop
  • Have renders in Maya (if you’re applying for TV/Film). If you don’t know what this means, you are not ready for the job fair anyways.
  1. Prepare a summary of yourself for introduction
  • You are selling yourself, be prepared to tell companies the skills you have and what you want so that they can better imagine where you fit on their team.
  1. Dress appropriately
  • Dress like you would in an interview. You want to make a good impression and look presentable. No need for a suit and tie, but make sure you don’t have any ripped or wrinkled clothing. If you can, reflect the culture of the studio.
  • Depending on how long the event is you might want to make sure you wear comfortable shoes.
  1. Research companies ahead of time
  • What should you know about a company ahead time? Current Projects? People on the team? What positions they are hiring for?
  • Why is this important saves you time at the event so you don’t wait in line for companies? Shows the company you are prepared and interested in them.
  • With that said, choose the companies you are most interested in and line up for them first.
  1. Ask questions! (What positions are open, what are your core hours?)

  2. Come early
  • Lines are long, arrive early and take breaks so that you are at your best when you meet the company.
  1. Have specific reels instead of a general one
  • If there is a certain position or department you are interested in, make sure to only show work that is relevant. Ie. If you want to be a rigger, show off your rigs and some animation to demonstrate how it works. But you don’t need an acting piece.
  • Remember to show only your best work! Don’t show works in progress. A company will instantly recognize the missing pieces of your work and will fail in comparison to the great finished work others are presenting.
  1. Don’t only have an online portfolio.
  • In case wi-fi is not reliable, either bring a printed portfolio or make sure to have your work on your tablet downloaded on your laptop or tablet.
  1. Don’t be afraid!
    • Meeting with potential employers can bring anxiety, but don’t be afraid of not getting the job because no matter what happens your experience at the job fair will help you learn what to do better next time.



Ever wish you were a superhero? Do you like zombies? Always wanted to be a character from your favourite game or TV show? Is halloween your favourite holiday?

Join us for an exciting new program at Every1Games. Cosplay, short for costume-play, is a form of self-expression, the art of dressing-up to show love for a particular video game, anime, comic and more, it is becoming a big hobby among fans.

In this program you will learn how to craft your own costumes with a variety of different techniques then show it off at the Anime North convention in Toronto.

For more information and to register click here

Keep Calm and Travel On Blog

Maria's TTC Pic

** Picture above drawn by Maria Vistica

January 31st, 2015 was the last day of our TTC Training program. Thank you to all participants who chose to join us and made the program awesome. While some participants were just brushing up on their knowledge of the TTC others were using it for the first time, our wide variety of participants provided opportunity for more experienced riders to take leadership roles helping those who are newer to the TTC.

Every1Games is proud to have piloted this program with success. Everyone had the opportunity to become more confident in their ability to navigate the TTC while forming connections with their fellow travellers. Together we explored the most popular subway stations, different methods of payment, trip planning and TTC etiquette among other skills. We are happy to say that there are some friendships that have been formed and will be continueing outside our programs.

The Keep Calm and Travel On program kicked off a great series of training programs in the future.

We collect feedback from participants in all our programs. Here is some information that was provided directly from participants!

90% of participants agreed they learned a lot while at the program while 10% agreed they learned some things.

“I have had a great experience here at Every1Games”

“I liked this program a lot, the program is a very good way to get into the industry and make new friends at the same time, 8/10!”

When asked, “Did Every1Games successfully provide a low-anxiety learning environment?” 50% of answers were 10/10! All other responses were 5 or higher.

We appreciate any and all feedback. Please email with comments or suggestions so that we may continue to improve our services to you.

The next Keep Calm and Travel On program is being planned for Summer (August 2015).

We hope to see both new and familiar faces back in our program this summer!

Travel Safe!


March Break Interactive Digital Media Program

march break icon4

Join us this March Break for a week of building worlds and creating in different mediums. Digital and non-digital arts, video production, and game design. We will also be taking a trip to the movies to explore film.

*All Every1Games integrate social learning and low-anxiety environment.

Location: George Brown School of Design, 341 King St. E

Max # of Participants: 15 participants ages 12- 25.

Program Length: 1 Week 10pm – 4pm

  • Monday March  16, 2015
  • Tuesday March 17, 2015 —> 5$ MOVIE DAY! We will be walking to Rainbow Cinemas at 80 Front St. E
  • Wednesday March 18, 2015
  • Thursday March 19, 2015
  • Friday March 20, 2015

Additional Information: This program is best suited for independent neurodivergent youth ages 12 – 25.

Facilitator: Krystal Twiss

Support Lead:

Additional support will be available in the classroom.

Click here for more information and to register

New Program: Intro to Unity BEGINS NOV 15 – OPEN

STARTS SATURDAY NOV 15! This specialized program teaches the basics of Unity game development engine, the most popular game making tool in the video game industry. “More games are made with Unity than with any other game technology.” Join the Every1Games team at George Brown College’s School of Design for a 5 day program to become familiar with this professional tool used in the best post-secondary game development programs. Work independently and together to practice your skills in design and development.

Every1Games’ Video Game Development Program – Introduction to Unity  
*All Every1Games programs integrate social skills learning and technical skills development in a low-anxiety learning environment. We are a social skills program first and will provide individual support plans for every client to work towards their goals.

This specialized program teaches the basics of Unity game development engine, the most popular game making tool in the industry. “More games are made with Unity than with any other game technology.”


Join the Every1Games team at George Brown College’s School of Design for a 5 day program to become familiar with this professional tool used in the best post-secondary game development programs. Work independently and together to practice your skills in design and development.

341 King St. E
Toronto, ON
M5A 1L1

Program Length: 5 Days
Program Times: 10am – 4pm

  • Saturday November 15, 2014
  • Saturday November 22, 2014
  • Saturday November 29, 2014
  • Saturday December 6, 2014
  • Saturday December 13, 2014

Additional Information:

  • Recommended for Ages 16 – 25
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Potential additional software includes Adobe Illustrator (potentially other programs)
  • A full schedule will be provided to participants who register for the program.
  • Facilitator: Rocco Briganti and Crystal May (Facilitator Profiles Coming Soon)
  • Support Lead: Theresa Aiken

Complete the online form. 

Upon registration we will email you an invoice or you pay online by selecting an option below.

  • Email for payment arrangements if necessary.

Standard fees apply. Autism Ontario Toronto Chapter Members receive 50% off! 

Participant Type


Beta-Test with MoKool Apps this Summer! (Registered Participants)

Participants in the Every1Games Toronto program will have an opportunity to meet the MoKool Apps team and beta-test their existing game Fruit Frenzy. MoKool Apps is a independent mobile app development company based out of Cambridge, Ontario. Comprised of a husband and wife team that have combined their unique creative skills and keen business sense to make very cool and addictive mobile apps for everyone to enjoy, MoKool Apps is sharing  their development experience and looking forward to receiving feedback beta-testing with Every1Games participants. “Our mission at MoKool Apps is to create mobile games and applications that are so cool that people love to play them, have fun and share them with others.” To beta test with MoKool Apps be sure to sign up for the first week of program beginning July 21 ending July 25
Meet and Beta-Test with


Join us Saturday June 7th 2014 in Niagara Falls at the Scotia Bank Convention Center for a day of fandom with friends, celebrity meetings, and more.


Register online below and pay on site.

$30.00 (that’s $5.00 off regular tickets!)

9:30am- 4:30pm (alternate arrangements can be made).

If you require more information about what to expect please email Additional information is provided at the bottom of this page below the registration form.


We do not provide one on one support.
1:5 Staff to Participant Ratio.

Lunch is not provided, please pack a lunch or bring money to purchase food. Food can be expensive at conventions so Every1Games recommends a packed lunch with snacks for the day.
You are responsible for purchases made on the exhibition floor. Every1Games staff will provide assistance and recommendations for responsible purchases.

Drop off at Scotia Bank Convention Center at 9:30am.
Pick up at Scotia Bank Convention Center at 4:30pm.

We will be waiting at the side of the Convention center just South of Livingstone where you can safely pull over for drop off. Late pick ups and independent sign out can be arranged upon registration.
On Site Facilitators: Sarah Anne Drew and James Mattiazzo. For more information on facilitators email

About Every1Games:
Every1Games participants explore the inside of the video game industry in a low anxiety, collaborative learning environment. Autism is experienced differently by everyone and Every1Games empowers each participant to define what their diagnosis means to them and what they want to achieve. No proof of diagnosis required. This event is outside of regularly scheduled programs that can be accessed at