Cosplay Update: Erin Emms Visited Program

ErinWe would like to thank our extra awesome guest speaker for visiting our Cosplay*Craft*Convention Program this past  Saturday April 25. Every1Games welcomed Internationally ranked cosplayer, and the Anime North Skit Director Erin Emms and her master cosplayer friend Chloe Perelgut!

“Cosplay is for everyone”

This month Every1Games is piloting the Cosplay, Craft, Convention (3C) program, a social skills program for neurodivergent youth to make costumes, meet like minded peers, and head to Anime North together! As we spread the word about this program, Erin stumbled upon us, reached out and was excited to offer us the opportunity to show off our costumes at Anime North’s Skit Competition on Friday May 22 because “cosplay is for everyone”.

This means a lot to us because participating in large events can be overwhelming and Erin not only offered to help us show off our costumes, but offered a low-anxiety alternative featuring a smaller stage space and crowd. It was awesome to see Anime North’s Skit Director reach out to us and really proved that this community is #autismfriendly and understands what a lot of event organizers don’t, the importance of engaging autistic youth and working together to bring opportunities to the neurodivergent community.

More Cool Things to Know About Erin Emms AKA Chibi Lenne!

Cosplay Alias: Chibi Lenne
A long time ago in a fandom far far away, Erin began cosplaying… or rather that is how a truly epic bio would begin, she is fairly normal.  Erin, also known as “Chibi Lenne”, is an Internationally ranked Master Cosplayer who began cosplaying 15+ years ago and instantly fell in love with the community feel that cosplaying and conventions provided. Additionally she is a strong advocate for anti-bullying and CON-sent; after all  Cosplay is for ALL, not for some.
Currently, she runs the Friday Night Skit Contest and Cosplay Chess Games at Anime North, a Cosplay ‘recovery room’ at ConBravo, and is enthusiastically preparing to help run Costume Con 35 (2017), a convention solely dedicated to costuming, cosplay, and community.
Hard at work on our costumes!!
If you are new to cosplay, or if you are a parent unfamiliar with cosplay and are wondering what your kids are getting up to, ask us! We are here to help. Use the comment section below or contact