Every1Games is Saying Good-Bye. THANK YOU!

The past 10 months have been life changing. As my Maternity Leave comes to it’s end I have been offered an opportunity with an incredible start up, Dark Slope Studios, and I just can’t pass it up! Dark Slope creates the content, tools and applications that power the next generation of immersive, multi-user, location-based VR and AR experiences around the globe! As Office Operations Manager I am going to help lead this company to being the best example of a supportive and inclusive workplace in the interactive digital media industry. The Dark Slope team values bringing people together and I am excited to join them on their journey.

Although there will no longer be programs offered at Every1Games, I will continue to advocate and do whatever I can to create a more inclusive future that breaks down barriers to success by respecting and understanding neurodiversity.

It is hard to say good-bye. In the past 6 years we have helped hundreds of families who attended Every1Games programs. So many of our clients reached their goals. We made friendships that will last forever and we are proof that when autism programs are run by autistic youth and adults (who have a better understanding of what it means to grow up autistic) success is inevitable! 

Every1Games was successful because of the neurodiverse staff who worked together to understand each other and each client. Every1Games was successful because we worked as a team towards goals and respected each other. Our efforts to help other people understand neurodiversity and what it means to live in a neurodiverse world has made a huge impact locally and beyond.

I encourage each one of you to continue to advocate and share your experiences with each other, mentor each other, and start businesses with each other! This is the beginning of an era where autistic children can grow up without self doubt or fear of discrimination.

Thank you to everyone who supported us. I am sad to have to close these doors but could not be more proud of everything we accomplished. 

Every1Games will always be something that we share, a bond that can never be broken.

I will be keeping the sarah@every1games.ca email for a bit longer so stay in touch! 

Love you all sincerely,
Sarah Saucier