GAME Spring/Summer 2017 Info Page

Join Every1Games for our  12-week GAME Spring/Summer 2017  program! Starting May 20th , every Saturday  participants can learn valuable skills  for Game Design and Development with fun workshops and activities. Check out the Program and Field trip details below! 

Game Dev Tutorials 

Get hands on with crafting your own board games, try out tutorials in various game engine editors such as GameMaker  and Unity , along with graphic and audio editing tutorials. Everyday will include a step by step lesson that will help sharpen your skills in the software will be using to build our own games.

Project Mangement

Building a game can be a complex task. Part of our focus when teaching game design and development is to equip our participants with strategies to plan and organize projects. Some things we cover include:

  • choosing the size of your project
  • writing  helpful planning documents
  •  getting  quality feed back
  •  working in a team environment

These skills are applicable to managing all kinds of projects, creatively and professionally, not just with making games!
Facilitators  lead group and individual projects designed to be flexible helping participants meet personal goals. The participants will have also have the chance to share with their friends and family, and even add it to a portfolio if they so choose.

Games and Fun!

An important part of Every1Games is being a space to have fun and make friends.

  • Fun ice breaker games and board game play-test sessions  are always include throughout the day to create a social environment.
  • E1G is a low anxiety environment, which means there’s no pressure if you aren’t always feeling it.
  • Participants are also welcome to share their own suggestions for games and activities with the group. Join us for some games and fun!


David Bernard


Where and When will it be?

The Every1Games Spring&Summer 2017 Program will take place at the DSBN Academy, at 130 Louth St, Saint Catharines Every Saturday from Saturday May 20 to Saturday August 5 from 10AM to 3PM.

The program itself will take place in the in the iHub space. A detailed schedule will be provided on the first day of program. The program itself will take place in Room 145. A map of the location of the DSBN Academy can be found here.

If you are driving yourself

The program will be taking place at the DSBN Academy which is located at 130 Louth Street (between Pelham Road and Rykert Street) in St. Catharines. Participants driving themselves can park in the school parking lot which is located by the main entrance.

If you are being dropped off/picked up

Participants can be dropped off/picked up at the back iHub entrance of DSBN Academy, 130 Louth St.  This door will be open for drop off at the beginning of the day and there is a doorbell at the door of this entrance which will notify us to open the doors to allow guardians to come in for pick up. Participants under 18 will need to be signed in by a parent/guardian unless arranged before. Please email to confirm independent sign in/ sign out.  There is a plenty of parking in the school’s parking lot near the entrance if you need to park a vehicle

If you are taking the bus

Participants taking public transit can take Route 3 (Pelham Road) from the Downtown terminal. The bus will stop in front of a bus shelter just before the driveway of the DSBN Academy and the Rykert Street intersection. Participants will need to walk down the sidewalk located to the right of the driveway of the DSBN Academy which will lead them to the front entrance of the school where one of our staff members will be present to meet them. For participants living outside of St. Catharines, Regional Transit is also available. For transit routes and times please visit the websites for Niagara Regional Transit or the St. Catharines Transit Commission that are provided below.

St. Catharines Transit Commission

Niagara Region Transit

How to get to the room

The program will take place in Room 145 at the DSBN Academy. Participants can enter through the back entrance to the DSBN Academy, marked “iHub” . To get to this entrance, simply travel past the main entrance and down past the left side of the building.  Once through this entrance, take the first right turn in the hall and we will be in the first class on the left.  If the door is locked, please feel free to use the door bell at this entrance and a facilitator will come to the main entrance to let you in.

Meals and Breaks

Participants will have two 15 minute break and and 45 minutes for lunch in the schedule. Please bring enough snacks and a lunch for the day.

It is highly suggested that a lunch is packed for everyday, however there is a Tim Hortons down the road from our location. If a student does require to purchase food, please inform your facilitators first thing in the morning so a trip to buy a meal can be coordinated for lunch period

There are breaks in the schedule. E1G promotes a low-anxiety environment. If you need to take a break between scheduled break times that is appropriate, please let the facilitator know.


The Every1Games Niagara March Break Game Design Program will primarily take place in Room 145 at the DSBN Academy.  This is an large open shared office space known as the iHub space. Typically , program is conducted in the center of the sitting at a circle of tables by a projector. There are also couches availible in the room for more comfortable sitting. We will be using laptops to do our work in this program, so it is possible to move and find the best place in the class to work for you.

ConBravo Field Trip July 29th

conbravo logo

 A field trip day is also planned  to ConBravo in Hamilton!  On Saturday July 29th we will be bringing together all of the Every1Games teams from Toronto and Niagara at Con Bravo! Canada’s Youtube and Gaming Convention in Hamilton where we are hosting an Every1Games Sensory Lounge.

We will meet in the morning at the iHub in the DSBN Academy .We are awaiting registrations results to plan our exact methods of travel. Thank you for your patience.

Every1Games’ Sensory Lounge is an autism friendly space to relax in a stress free environment. Con goers visit this small Snoezelen room for some quiet time and rest. Whether you’re exhausted from passion and social interaction, or just want to reset and decompress, this Sensory Lounge is a unique place to visit and take a break.  (If you are in high school and need volunteer hours let us know!)


Every1Games Program Checklist for Participants and/or Gaurdians

  • I have created an account at (for participants) and completed the profile. Please note this is important as it will be the phone number we contact for emergencies.
  • I have paid the invoice sent to me by or made payment arrangements.
  • I have notified David of any allergies, accommodations or learning goals not mentioned in the online profile.
  • I have read the information package and planned my travel route.

What Should I Bring?

Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We will do our best to make sure that we help participants leave with everything they’ve brought! Mobile gaming devices like tablets or 3DS etc. are certainly allowed during break times.

  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Water Bottle
  • Headphones
  • USB Key to save work and take home
  • Money (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Comfort / Stim items are encouraged
  • Cell Phone (give number to facilitator)
  • Mobile Gaming Device

You can also follow us on Twitter @Every1Games or on Facebook.



Email with any questions.