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Maria's TTC Pic

** Picture above drawn by Maria Vistica

January 31st, 2015 was the last day of our TTC Training program. Thank you to all participants who chose to join us and made the program awesome. While some participants were just brushing up on their knowledge of the TTC others were using it for the first time, our wide variety of participants provided opportunity for more experienced riders to take leadership roles helping those who are newer to the TTC.

Every1Games is proud to have piloted this program with success. Everyone had the opportunity to become more confident in their ability to navigate the TTC while forming connections with their fellow travellers. Together we explored the most popular subway stations, different methods of payment, trip planning and TTC etiquette among other skills. We are happy to say that there are some friendships that have been formed and will be continueing outside our programs.

The Keep Calm and Travel On program kicked off a great series of training programs in the future.

We collect feedback from participants in all our programs. Here is some information that was provided directly from participants!

90% of participants agreed they learned a lot while at the program while 10% agreed they learned some things.

“I have had a great experience here at Every1Games”

“I liked this program a lot, the program is a very good way to get into the industry and make new friends at the same time, 8/10!”

When asked, “Did Every1Games successfully provide a low-anxiety learning environment?” 50% of answers were 10/10! All other responses were 5 or higher.

We appreciate any and all feedback. Please email with comments or suggestions so that we may continue to improve our services to you.

The next Keep Calm and Travel On program is being planned for Summer (August 2015).

We hope to see both new and familiar faces back in our program this summer!

Travel Safe!