A picture of the bus stop in front of 341 king St E beside Rooster Coffee House

March Break 2017 Toronto Information Package

This March Break we decided that our theme will be LEADERSHIP.  There is a lot to explore within this theme; leadership in the autism community, on a team and in all areas of your life. We will also be exploring basic programming, narrative in games and 3D art / environment design. This is a fun week designed to be an awesome experience for you and your friends. Remember that this is a low anxiety work space, work at your own pace on projects that you want to work on! Our helpful facilitators will be giving lessons and leading discussions. We will play video games, share youtube videos and create, create, create! But before we do please read this information package. Below is information about where we are, what to bring, and what you need to do to prepare for March Break at Every1Games. Happy scrolling! Email sarah@every1games.ca at anytime if you have questions. (You may see the code MARB T0317 when registering for this program. It is a code for internal course planning only.)

Ages 12 – 25. Fee: $550 + HST

Instructors of March Break 2017 

Sarah Saucier, (416) 697-8625

Mark Beaudry

Karl Siebert

Where and When will it be?

The Every1Games March Break 2017 Program will take place at the George Brown College School of Art and Design, at 341 King Street East, Toronto from Monday March 13 to Friday March 17 from 10AM to 4PM.

The program itself will take place in various computer labs Room 506, 515, and 603. A detailed schedule will be provided on the first day of program. A map of the location of the building can be found below.

Tuesday March 14th and Thursday March 16th we have planned excursions to provide opportunities in the community outside of the computer labs. We will be travelling together on the TTC to visit the ROM. We will borrowing lessons from Every1Games’ popular Keep Calm and Travel ON; Autism Travel Training Program to prepare for our trip and ensure the safety of all participants.

Imagine Cinema’s at Market Square is an Every1Games March Break tradition. We walk 10 minutes to the cinema and watch a popular film. What makes this different than other autism social groups? We work together to learn more about what we watch as consumers. By discussing the themes and narrative, as well as the industry tools, marketing and production techniques, participants learn to understand the movies beyond what they see on the big screen.

  • Participants are required to pay for their own snacks.
  • Admission to the theatre will be represented on the invoice sent upon registration.

Royal Ontario Museum has invited Every1Games to an exclusive experience. The ROM understands that we aren’t kids anymore and are working with us to arrange a day of learning that will help shape the work we do in the computer labs as we practice game design.

  • There will be an opportunity to purchase lunch but a packed lunch is recommended.
  • Participants are required to pay for their travel.  You can speak with an Every1Games facilitator if you require assistance.

If you are being dropped off/picked up

Participants can be dropped off/picked up at the front entrance of 341 King Street East. On all five days, one of our staff members will be present in the lobby to meet all participants. Participants under 18 will need to be signed in by a parent/guardian unless arranged before. Please email sarah@every1games.ca to confirm independent sign in/ sign out.  For parents or guardians who need to park temporarily, there is meter parking on King directly in front of the building and on the surrounding streets.

If you are taking the bus

Participants taking public transit can take the 506 Street Car on King to Ontario Street. The bus will stop in front of a bus shelter just after the doors of 341 King Street East, beside the Rooster Coffee House.  For transit routes and times please visit the websites for Toronto Transit or the St. Catharines Transit Commission that are provided below.


Toronto Transit Commission


How to get to the room

We meet in the lobby. Walk into the double doors at 341 King. Elevators are straight ahead, chairs and tables are located to the right. We will be hanging out in the chairs until 10am. If you are late and you can go directly to the computer labs. Take the elevators to Floor 5 and head to the appropriate room. If you can’t find us for any reason or are going to be late for any reason please call or text Sarah Saucier at (416) 697-8625 and a facilitator will come to the main entrance to meet you.

Meals and Breaks

There are breaks in the schedule but E1G promotes a low-anxiety environment. If you need to take a break between scheduled break times that is totally cool, please just let the facilitator know that you are in need of a break. We will cover safe breaks on the first day of program so that you know where to go for alone time. Participants will have one 15 minute break and an hour for lunch in the schedule. Please bring enough snacks and a lunch for the day.

  • We encourage a packed lunch. We eat together. Sometimes people wish to walk to the Tim Hortons or neighbouring shops. A faciltiator will be with participants who want to go for lunch.

Environment and Accessibility

Every1Games strives to produce a low anxiety learning environment for everyone. The Every1Games March Break Program will primarily take place in computer labs. There is an air system that hums. The lights are mostly turned down or off. The room gets very warm from the computers and heating. You are welcome to use your own headphones while on the computers.

The ROM has prepared some information for autistic participants. Some of this information is directed to families with children, but it is a great resources nonetheless. You can find that information at the link below.


Winter Storm Cancellation Procedure

Due to the fact that this program will be taking place during the winter, we ask that all participants and parents/guardians pay attention to the weather forecasts on and before program days. In the event that our program is cancelled for the day due to severe winter weather or a closure of roads or campus, all registered participants will be phoned the morning the program is scheduled to take place. In the event of a cancellation, please contact Sarah Saucer at (416) 697-8625 or at sarah@every1games.ca for rescheduling details.

You can also follow us on Twitter @Every1Games or on Facebook.

March Break Checklist for Participants and/or Gaurdians

  • I have created an account at every1games.ca (for participants) and completed the profile. Please note this is important as it will be the phone number we contact for emergencies.
  • I have paid the invoice sent to me by accounting@every1games.ca or made payment arrangements.
  • I have notified Sarah of any allergies, accommodations or learning goals not mentioned in the online profile.
  • I have read the information package and planned my travel route.

What Should I Bring?

Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We will do our best to make sure that we help participants leave with everything they’ve brought! Mobile gaming devices like tablets or 3DS etc. are certainly allowed during break times.

  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Water Bottle
  • Headphones
  • USB Key to save work and take home
  • Money (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Comfort / Stim items are encouraged
  • Cell Phone (give number to facilitator)
  • Mobile Gaming Device

What Software Will We Practice?