Every1Games Team


Rocco Briganti – Facilitator

Favourite Games: “Mario Kart (Any of them, I love them all) & Pokemon Red, Crystal & Sapphire/Alpha Sapphire”
Rocco enjoys to spending his free time, when he isn’t playing video games, researching the most recent news for Game Programming and game development as a whole. He frequently visits and participates in /r/gamedev to get the latest news and discuss programming semantics. He previously studied as a Computer Programmer Analyst but didn’t enjoy what he was programming until he switched to Game Programming where he  found his new passion!

In the classroom Rocco has a variety of different approaches in teaching programming and has the patience and the knowledge to explain programming to just about anyone.

Rocco has won the Best Programmer Award & The Deans Excellence Award from George Brown College and is also employed at Relish.

Crystal Fernandez – Facilitator
Favourite Game: Mario Kart
Crystal Fernandez is an admirer of animation and storytelling. She specializes in 3D animation but recently she’s been delving into modelling, texturing and rigging. During her spare time she watches movies, play video games, sketch and cuddle with her cat.
In classroom Crystal teaches animation in  many different programs.
Crystal has won the Best Animator Award & The Dean’s Excellence Award from George Brown College and is also employed at Relish.
Christine Hughes: Administrative Assistant and Program Developer
Favourite Games:  Skyrim, SimCity, Civilization
Christine is a graduate of the University of Toronto (Psychology, Christianity & Culture) and of Mohawk College (Office Administration – Medical).  She is passionate about autistic self-advocacy, youth rights, and social justice.  She has been involved in autistic and ADHD support communities for several years and, while at Mohawk College, advocated extensively for better disability accommodations.  In her spare time, she knits, reads, and coos over pictures of adorable bunnies.

Theresa AikenTheresa Aiken – Lead Support Worker

Favourite Game: “Anything Mario!”

After receiving a diploma in Child and Youth work from St. Lawernce College , Theresa graduated Ryerson University (BA, Child and Youth Studies) then went on to study education at Queens University (BEd). She is an integral part of the team and this is Theresa’s second Every1Games program! She is friendly and spends her time mentoring teens and helping people learn English as a second language.


Krystal Twiss – Go to Person/Support Worker

Favourite Games: Mario Dance Dance Revolution, Animal Crossing and Mario Party 7

Krystal grew up in Milton, Ontario and moved to Toronto in 2011 for school. Right out of high  school she went to Fanshawe College for Theatre Production and graduated. Though it being a very competitive field she eventually went back to school at George Brown College for Child and Youth Worker program and graduated in June 2014. She really enjoys doing artistic things such as crafts, painting and scrapbooking she also really loves animals, video games, TTC History and helping others.


Veronica Brzoska – Support Worker

Favourite Games: “Currently The Walking Dead series, The Last of Us and any Pokemon game!”

Veronica is currently a student enrolled in the Behavioural Science Technology Program at George Brown College, with a background in art from her previous studies from Durham College in the Foundations in Art and Design program. She plans to become a Behavioural therapist after she graduates in three years. Working with Every1Games  as a support worker, she gets to have the best of both worlds mixing her love of art and assisting young kids on the Autism spectrum. When not in school or work, she loves to sculpt, draw and play video games!

Jeremy Lyons – Team Support
Favourite Game: Super Mario World
Originally hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Jeremy went on to pursue his Bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University. Now a Hogtown resident, Jeremy counts spectator sports, riding the TTC, and attending focus group sessions as some of his favourite activities.
Lisa Hobman – Support Worker

Favourite Games: Mario Kart, Wii Sports, COD Modern Warfare, & GTA 5

Lisa is currently working on her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Early Childhood Leadership at George Brown College. She has a background in art from OCAD University where she briefly studied photography. Naturally this meant E1G was a perfect fit in combining her passion for art with her love of teaching. When she’s not studying, she enjoys drawing, and exploring new music. Lisa loves to crochet and plans to learn to knit soon.

Jessica Wilson - HeadshotJessica Wilson – Support Worker

Favourite Game: “Crash Bandicoot!!!! Forever and ever”

Jessica is currently a student enrolled in the Social Service Worker Program at George Brown College, with an educational background in the Fine Arts. Quirky and friendly, Jessica has a penchant for dancing when she thinks no one is looking. Jessica is a small-town transplant, learning and growing every day from new experiences in a city atmosphere. Working from an anti-oppressive framework, Jessica has volunteered and worked for various institutions around the City of Toronto, creating youth computer programs and providing drop-in services.

Matt PegnamMatt Pegnam – Autistic Advocate and Youth Mentor

Favourite Game: “I do not have one right now”

Matthew is currently a student at George Brown’s Game Development Program and Autistic Self Advocate. He is passionate about learning development skills to succeed in the industry, especially 3D art and is knowledgeable in a variety of areas including game mechanics and design, what to expect in post-secondary, and is looking forward to sharing his experience with the Every1Games team. Matthew has worked with Autistic youth programs mentoring younger kids and is now assisting Every1Games as Autistic Self Advocate and Youth Mentor.