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Cosplay*Craft*Convention Registration Closes March 31

Conventions are a go-to craft fair where independent artists start great businesses. Depending on interests, we will be discussing the culture of conventions,  business opportunities in the fandom market, costume making and special effects make up, staying safe at conventions and responsible consumerism.

Whether it is your first time attending a convention or you are an experienced con-goer, the Cosplay Craft Convention program at Every1Games is a “must try”.  Come together with friends once a week to make costumes and prepare to attend Anime North 2016!

Cosplay, short for costume-play, is a form of self-expression, the art of dressing-up to show love for a particular video game, anime, comic and more. Conventions are a great way to meet like-minded peers, as well as professional artists and designers.

Every1Games Cosplay program is also great opportunity to meet other people who are interested in video game, anime or comic books.
Want to come to Anime North with us, but don’t want to make a costume? Register for the shorter 2 week program!
Cosplayers from Anime Cosplay*Craft*Convention 2015

*All Every1Games programs integrate social learning and low-anxiety environment.

The program will take place at 341 King St E, Toronto, 10 am – 4pm on Saturday’s starting April 2nd. Anime North is held on May 28th at the Toronto Congress Centre (650 Dixon Rd, Toronto).

Important Dates

  • Starting Saturday April 2nd, 2016
  • Please note that there is program on Saturday May 21st – the long weekend.
  • May 28th, 2016 – Anime North (Ticket Included in Price)

Contact us for more information about the 9 week program and shorter 2 week program

Contact us for more Information about the 9 week program and shorter 2 week program.


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Cosplay Update: Erin Emms Visited Program

ErinWe would like to thank our extra awesome guest speaker for visiting our Cosplay*Craft*Convention Program this past  Saturday April 25. Every1Games welcomed Internationally ranked cosplayer, and the Anime North Skit Director Erin Emms and her master cosplayer friend Chloe Perelgut!

“Cosplay is for everyone”

This month Every1Games is piloting the Cosplay, Craft, Convention (3C) program, a social skills program for neurodivergent youth to make costumes, meet like minded peers, and head to Anime North together! As we spread the word about this program, Erin stumbled upon us, reached out and was excited to offer us the opportunity to show off our costumes at Anime North’s Skit Competition on Friday May 22 because “cosplay is for everyone”.

This means a lot to us because participating in large events can be overwhelming and Erin not only offered to help us show off our costumes, but offered a low-anxiety alternative featuring a smaller stage space and crowd. It was awesome to see Anime North’s Skit Director reach out to us and really proved that this community is #autismfriendly and understands what a lot of event organizers don’t, the importance of engaging autistic youth and working together to bring opportunities to the neurodivergent community.

More Cool Things to Know About Erin Emms AKA Chibi Lenne!

Cosplay Alias: Chibi Lenne
A long time ago in a fandom far far away, Erin began cosplaying… or rather that is how a truly epic bio would begin, she is fairly normal.  Erin, also known as “Chibi Lenne”, is an Internationally ranked Master Cosplayer who began cosplaying 15+ years ago and instantly fell in love with the community feel that cosplaying and conventions provided. Additionally she is a strong advocate for anti-bullying and CON-sent; after all  Cosplay is for ALL, not for some.
Currently, she runs the Friday Night Skit Contest and Cosplay Chess Games at Anime North, a Cosplay ‘recovery room’ at ConBravo, and is enthusiastically preparing to help run Costume Con 35 (2017), a convention solely dedicated to costuming, cosplay, and community.
Hard at work on our costumes!!
If you are new to cosplay, or if you are a parent unfamiliar with cosplay and are wondering what your kids are getting up to, ask us! We are here to help. Use the comment section below or contact engage@every1games.ca.

Cosplay*Craft*Convention Register Now!


Register Now

Come and join us on Saturdays, April 18 to May 23 where we will learn about the details that go into creating a costume. We will be covering things such as planning, budgeting, make up, special effects and props. You will use your imagination to create the costume that you have always wanted along with people who have similar interests as you.

Cosplay, short for costume-play, is a form of self-expression, the art of dressing-up to show love for a particular video game, anime, comic and more, it is becoming a big hobby among fans.

After your costume is complete, as a group we will attend Anime North which is a large convention for those who are interested in anime, comics and video games.


On May 2nd we will be taking a trip to a thrift store. More details about this field trip will be provided.

We have lots of great activities planned for each morning and the afternoons are dedicated to physically work on the creation of your costume.

More details will be emailed upon registration to the program.

*All Every1Games integrate social learning and low-anxiety environment.

For more information Click Here

Click here to Register Now

*All Every1Games integrate social learning and low-anxiety environment.

Location: 341 King St E, Toronto, Ontario

Max # of Participants: 20 participants ages 12- 25.

*Note: Anime North is a convention which will be crowded and noisy. We will be covering strategies for appropriate breaks and self regulation.

Program Length: 6 Weeks, Saturdays, 10am – 4pm

  • April 18th
  • April 25th
  • May 2nd
  • May 9th
  • May 16th – Victoria weekend! We will still be having program. :)
  • May 23rd – Anime North (Ticket Included in Price)

Additional Information: This program is best suited for independent neurodiverse youth ages 12 – 25.

We understand not everyone is interested in cosplay but still may want to come to the convention. 

6 Week Cosplay Program + Saturday Anime North Ticket 

ONLY $200.00 for 6 Weeks includes ticket to Anime North! Thanks to Autism Ontario Toronto Chapter and the Potential Programme!

  • Standard Fee: $500.00
  • Autism Ontario Membership Fee: $400.00
  • Autism Ontario Toronto Chapter Subsidy / Potential Programme = $200.00

1 Week Cosplay Program + Anime North Ticket

  • Standard Fee: $100.00 (Subsidy will only be applied to the full program).

If you are registering to attend Anime North but are not going to be participating in the costume creation aspect of the program you will still be required to come to program prior to the final Saturday (May 16) to prepare for the convention trip.

Facilitator: Veronica Brzoska

Co-Facilitator: Krystal Twiss

Additional support will be available in the classroom.