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E1G Teams put their QA skills to work with Phantom Compass; Pre-Beta Testing Rollers of the Realm

Phantom CompassClick on the logo above to thank Phantom Compass by voting for Rollers of the Realm on Steam.

The E1G team was excited to welcome the game studio Phantom Compass to Brock University’s Center for Digital Humanities. Phantom Compass joined E1G to introduce the creative work they are accomplishing in St.Catharines as they lead the game development community in the Niagara Region.  Ericka Evans, Head of Production at Phantom Compass, treated the E1G team to an intro and opportunity to pre-beta test Rollers of the Realm! The development team at Phantom Compass is an awesome group of creative people working together to launch Rollers of the Realm, a Pinball RPG. The game takes story telling and gaming to new heights by combining elements of RPG and Pinball creating a unique user experience. For a more in depth look into the RPG and Pinball elements of Rollers of the Realm read this article on Gamezebo and check out the video below :)

The E1G teams’ career goals and interests varied from sports entertainment to acting, directing, writing and rapping. This group was a creative bunch interested in learning about what steps they can take to achieve their own creative goals. To accomplish this we love to welcome Industry Allies to join us at E1G! Industry Allies are friends of Every1Games helping us reach different goals. This weeks goal was to learn how to give feedback and receive feedback, a crucial skill in all of their mentioned creative roles. The E1G team had the opportunity to pre-beta test  Rollers of the Realm providing feedback to Ericka while putting their new found skills to work as beta-testers. We also had the opportunity to test Rollers of the Realm with the following week’s team.

We’d like to extend a warm and fuzzy thank you to Phantom Compass and to Ericka Evans for coming to visit us.  We are looking forward to playing Rollers of the Realm!

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Vote for Rollers of the Realm on Steam. Its easy! Just go to the Rollers of the Realm page on Steam then click YES where it asks “Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam.”

E1G’s Low Anxiety UX Beta Testing; Cinema Suite Inc.’s New Unity3D Development Tool

TestingThis past Saturday June 29, 2013 E1G had an amazing day with Cinema Suite Inc., sister company of Javelin Technologies, in Oakville, Ontario! People left the studio with new ideas and new friends. We’d like to thank everyone who came out to participate in the event on their long weekend to offer their opinions and we hope you enjoy your swag! It was a great surprise to hear that each participant is also going to be receiving a free copy of the new Unity 3D tool. Though we can’t say much about the tool we can say that this will be a must have for developers who want to save time and money creating amazing stories in their games.

Cinema Suite Inc. partnered with Every1Games to provide a low anxiety UX Beta testing event for their newest development tool designed to create videogame cut-scene cinematics and run-time sequences with no complex scripting or programming in Unity 3D.

Working TogetherThank you Cinema Suite Inc. team Ben Sainsbury, Adrian Harrington and Dan Gamsby for having us be a part of videogame development history giving  more people an opportunity to participant in your event by supporting a low-anxiety event with alternate feedback options for increased accessibility and clearer results. The first of its kind, this event mixed traditional methods of feedback for UX beta testing with a social promise of low-anxiety. What is a low anxiety environment? It is where we offer a personable and friendly staff, a variety of communication aids and a fun social experience while working hard on serious projects.

LukeIf you missed out on this opportunity, do not fret!

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JonathonThank Javelin Technologies for sponsoring the event and providing a delicious social lunch that gave everyone the opportunity to connect.

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