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Cosplay*Craft*Convention Registration Closes March 31

Conventions are a go-to craft fair where independent artists start great businesses. Depending on interests, we will be discussing the culture of conventions,  business opportunities in the fandom market, costume making and special effects make up, staying safe at conventions and responsible consumerism.

Whether it is your first time attending a convention or you are an experienced con-goer, the Cosplay Craft Convention program at Every1Games is a “must try”.  Come together with friends once a week to make costumes and prepare to attend Anime North 2016!

Cosplay, short for costume-play, is a form of self-expression, the art of dressing-up to show love for a particular video game, anime, comic and more. Conventions are a great way to meet like-minded peers, as well as professional artists and designers.

Every1Games Cosplay program is also great opportunity to meet other people who are interested in video game, anime or comic books.
Want to come to Anime North with us, but don’t want to make a costume? Register for the shorter 2 week program!
Cosplayers from Anime Cosplay*Craft*Convention 2015

*All Every1Games programs integrate social learning and low-anxiety environment.

The program will take place at 341 King St E, Toronto, 10 am – 4pm on Saturday’s starting April 2nd. Anime North is held on May 28th at the Toronto Congress Centre (650 Dixon Rd, Toronto).

Important Dates

  • Starting Saturday April 2nd, 2016
  • Please note that there is program on Saturday May 21st – the long weekend.
  • May 28th, 2016 – Anime North (Ticket Included in Price)

Contact us for more information about the 9 week program and shorter 2 week program

Contact us for more Information about the 9 week program and shorter 2 week program.


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