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Highlights from E1G Kids in Niagara

Brock University’s Center for Digital Humanities hosted our first ever E1G Kids Week! Here are some of our favourite E1G moments…


Seeing Words of the Week in Practice: integrity, honesty, inspiration, friendship and responsibility. Kids need to understand these character building traits. If they can identify them in their favourite superheros, they can practice it themselves!

James Helping

Creating Content: Using sploder.com each participant made their own game! We didn’t just make games, we also created our own super heroes and villains too. For your pleasure, I’ve included an awesome one created by an 8 year old;

K-Dude is a super villain with no super powers. He is a genius who designed a mask powerful enough to identify the weakness of every superhero in the universe and seeks to destroy them all.  Why? Because when K-Dude was a child, a super villain attacked their town and no superhero could stop them from taking the lives of his parents.

New Skills: On the first day of program we gave out notebooks so that our kids can practice taking notes like they will in high school and college! It was great. Their books were full of awesome drawings and thoughtful notes. I think we will do this again ;)

Thinking Kid

I also thought it was extra amazing to hear positive feedback from parents too!

“My kid won’t attend anything, I’ve tried sports, I’ve tried camps and he just isn’t interested but he wakes up excited to come to your [Every1Games] program.”

Thank you for reading the highlights from E1G Kids in Niagara!