Words of love from the Every1Games Community

“I wasn’t judged and that felt good”

“One of the best programs in all the milky way!”

“They know video games”

“With my son’s multiple exceptionalities, it was tough finding programs that were suitable for him and that he enjoyed attending. Every1games is the first organization to offer a program that my son asked to go back to again! The staff are very nice, understanding, and offer great learning opportunities to teens/young adults with ASD. We are blessed to have found them. Thank you.”

“It was the first time in my life being surrounded by other autistics. It was the first time in my life I saw myself reflected in a group of other people. It made me feel real, valid and loved.”

“Every1Games really helped with me teamwork and brainstorming preparing for college which really was one of the best experiences of my life.”  

“This was such a positive experience for our son, and really tapped into his growing love and understanding of gaming on his computer. He does not typically enjoy camps and group activities, but loved every minute and was so excited by what they accomplished.”

“It was a great introduction to game design! It was a worthwhile experience because they [Every1Games] focused on a variety of aspects of the gaming industry, which made it interesting and engaging.”

“She loves being there [Every1Games] and she said she doesn’t know when she’s felt more comfortable in a group of her peers.”

“It was a great learning experience for us. Two of our adult sons were recently diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. We are eager to support them to find their version of success.”

“It was an awesome experience. So much new information and concepts! I like listening to adults speak about their experience. It was great!”